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april fools' 2016



gentle reader, i'm not one to engage in april fools' day shenanigans. i'm not sure i've ever been one to attempt to pull a quick one on the other guy or gal.

maybe in elementary school but that was a long time ago and i don't remember.

anywho, this post is about april fools' day 2016 and what i received in the mail.

on this past friday, i finished my day of working out, the meeting at the office and doing a few errands before i headed home.

our mailbox is part of the community mailboxes, at the entrance to our neighborhood. i usually drive up, open our box and grab the mail, to head home and peruse it in the kitchen.

but on this april fools' day, a particular envelope caught my attention immediately.

it was from the irs.

yikes! who wants a letter from the irs...especially before tax day has arrived!

yeah, me either.

so i pulled over into this side parking area we have for school bus pick up and drop off.

i ripped the envelope open to see what the letter said.

it was only addressed to me, kiroman was not involved.

in a nutshell, the letter, which was dated april 5, 2016 {mind you, i received the letter on april 1, 2016} stated that someone tried to access my tax transcript from the website on or before may 25, 2015. that is not a type-o...on or before may 25, 2015...almost a year later i am receiving a letter to warn me of this attempt on my tax transcript. safe to say, my information was not actually accessed and this criminal {my word, not theirs} was unsuccessful, however, i should continue to monitor my credit through the three major credit bureaus...they were kind of enough to list the names, websites, addresses and phone numbers of those agencies.

so here was my initial dilemma: i received a letter on april 1, 2016. the letter was dated april 5, 2016. it concerns an incident that occurred on or before may 25, 2015.

does any of this make any sense to anyone outside of the irs?

they promise to place the utmost priority on safeguarding my personal information but it takes them a year to let me know?

all i can do is shake my head. thank goodness for lifelock. i know they are monitoring my credit and let me know within minutes if there is an incident i should be aware of...they don't wait 11 months or more...remember...this incident occurred on or before may 25, 2015...

gentle reader, i hope you all enjoyed a fun and eventful april fools' day...full of harmless practical jokes played on one another.



i am grateful:

  • for the fabulous weather we enjoyed sunday
  • for being able to stop and see and old friend
  • for muscle barbie hanging with us yesterday
  • for kiroman feeling better every single day
  • for big dogs with no more diarrhea

just breathing isn't living!


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