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weekend in the rear view

gentle reader, the weekend has come and gone once again. and this one whizzed by in a big flash!

it all started friday night. it was the last home hockey game of this season. it was a sold out house. it was the last time for maria's super nachos until september. 

as is tradition:

1this is a must, friends. we've done it for years and i can't even tell you why i started it. but during the first intermission, i want a picture of our feet against the glass. once the photo is made, i cheerily thank everyone for playing. left to right we have a friend of muscle barbie's, then muscle barbie, then me, and then kiroman.

who knows, maybe someday i will look back on this post and wonder where the hell those freaking awesome boots with the heart peace sign went!

2so then during the second intermission, we take a selfie with our little selves. kiroman is in charge of this since he sits on that end of our line of seats. fr whatever funny friday reason, he decided to take it in black and white. at first, i was like, nahhhhhh but then i was like, yeahhhhhhhh, i love it!

our team is out of the play offs this year and that's a bummer. we almost always make the play offs. so it was an emotional end to the game. tri city was in town. they are first in our division. we sent them home with a big, fat L in their column and we swiped up the W.

after the game was over, the captain of the team lead the entire team around the edge of the rink while tapping the glass with their thank the fans. i won't even lie...i got a tiny bit emotional. which is kinda weird considering this is the first time in 4 years that muscle barbie didn't hang out with someone from the team.

3this was a pretty hard season for these guys. i was super proud of how they played tonight. they could have not given their best, knowing they were two game from the end with no chance at a play off spot...but they didn't. they played full out. this was photo was after the skate around the rink...they met back at center ice, just like they end every single home game.

we kicked around the billet parent thing again this year. one of kiroman's patients suggested we kick around the billet parent thing again. it sounds great in theory. but in reality, i know nothing about teenage boys. 

nope, that's wrong. i know plenty about teenage boys but from the perspective of having a teenage girl date teenage boys!

i think it would be great. i know that we could offer a boy/guy/kid plenty of mental support...on and off the ice.

i dunno...we need to talk about it a bit more, i think.

once saturday rolled around, we had errands out the wazoo to take care of. i can't even remember all the places we ventured. i do know we were gone the entire afternoon!

one stop that is clear in my mind was this one:

4we haven't been to the range since before kiroman's surgery at the end of january! it's been a long time and it was great to be back! looks like we are back to our regularly scheduled shooting schedule! i told someone last week that i don't hunt. they thought it was weird that i went to the range. so i explained that i shoot paper in order to practice killing the bad guys. i'm not sure they got that either. but i thought it was funny. maybe you do, too!

we had a few errands to take care of on sunday but we were home for kiroman to catch the master's. i mostly read. i admit that i am not a golf fan. and there is no way i'm going to watch it on tv!

and now we are to the end of the weekend and the end of sunday night and this is what i am dealing with:



hope your weekend was wildly exciting!

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • for great weather this weekend
  • for spending some quality time with my kiroman
  • for muscle barbie joining us for the hockey game
  • grilling season is open
  • for snoring minions

just breathing isn't living!


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