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June 2005

new carpet...

is on the way! Rob was here this morning and measured for carpet for the upstairs! Yippee! By the end of the month, Blaike will be in her new room and my scrap studio will be painted! I am so excited! I told Lyle today that I am really excited about staying here. I have made a list of things... Read more →

Hula Girl

our little hula girl on the last day of school...which was wednesday. blaike's team had a hawaiian luau. a few of the girls dressed for the occasion but when i wanted to take a picture, blaike got all embarrassed and didn't want to show me her hula style. i can't believe that we are officially done with 6th grade! already... Read more →

our house,

was our castle and our keep. our house, in the middle of our street our house, it has a crowd there's always something happening and it's usually quite loud i know the lyrics aren't in order but i used them the way it suited me! i took these pictures from my deck off the kitchen. how could we even think... Read more →

I'm bummed

No pictures today and no good news. I don't think we will get a deal worked out on that house. Too many strange things are being said and too many strange things are going on. The seller's are just a little odd. How can one receive an offer and just ignore it? I question their ethics. They told us they... Read more →


they let it lapse. our offer expired at 11 am. we didn't hear from them. we are looking at another house tomorrow. i really wanted that house we may initiate another offer mid-week only because i really want to try one more time lyle doesn't really want to i'm a little bummed Read more →

only time will tell

We made the offer last night. Late last night. So they didn't get it until this morning. We gave until 11 am Friday but Lyle and our realtor seem to think we will hear something tonight. I didn't sleep last night. I am too excited but still trying to keep it real. I jump everytime the phone rings. I can't... Read more →