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Blaike and i have been bugging Lyle about putting in a pool. i had one while growing up and have missed having one. i'm a water baby and love to be in the sun and water. he absolutely put the skids on a underground pool. we're not sure how long we are going to be here and it's a lot... Read more →


Merriam-Webster Online: often not capitalized : of or relating to a style of fiction characterized by the use of desolate or remote settings and macabre, mysterious, or violent incidents Shawn Koca's definition: idiots, freaks, trash so, here's the story: yesterday i took Blaike and a friend to the pool. they spent the day. i picked them up at 8 pm.... Read more →


Blaike and i were doing some serious cleaning today and came across this pic in one of her MANY photo albums. it was taken April 14, 1998. Blaike was 5 years old. Jack-O was 6-8 years old. the cat laying with them is Herbie. he is no longer with us. this was a favorite place for these three to hang... Read more →


i tend to surf blogs. leave a comment with your blog addy and i will find my way there eventually. i can spend hours reading the entries and the comments. i guess i am a voyeur of blogs but i know i'm not alone! so, awhile ago, i set Blaike up with a freebie from Blogger. she told me there... Read more →

they're here...

whispered in true Poltergeist fashion fireflies and bats now, hold on before you get upset over the bats! first, you need to understand where we live. we are surrounded with dense foliage. that means lots of nasty little skeeters. and guess what bats love to eat? about 600 of those pesky things an hour! you bet! i love those little... Read more →