she made it
why, why, WHY?

a stroke

that's what happened to Streak. she had a stroke and lost the ability to swallow. that's what caused her dehydration. she's been in a valium induced coma for at least 24 hours. her chances of coming out of this with a normal lifestyle was less than 10%...especially considering she couldn't swallow. this sucks. they put her down this morning and we picked her up at lunchtime to bring her home to bury on "The Hill" with Dude, Palmer, Doc and whoever else i may be missing. i had to dig the hole. it was hot and the ground was hard but i got it done and Blaike placed flowers on her grave. Blaike was great through it all. yeah, she cried but she also understood that it's no way to live. it just sucks. she was buried with her sling from her cage...which we had taken to the vet and she slept on it the whole time. she also has one of her jingle toys. i guess forever started today for Streak. Blaike is the most upset that she won't see Streak hunch her back and hop around and hiss while she plays. that's what she is going to miss the most, she said....not seeing her play again. it was a hard day.

then to top it off...some stupid farmer ran over our garbage ON PURPOSE! in his tractor. Lyle and i jumped in the truck and chased him down to find out what his problem was. well...we ended up following him to his house...he and his wife said they were tired of our garbage always being on the road. well, they are on the road but at the side and out of the way. apparently, 11 years ago, i yelled at her son for something he didn't do and we deserve having our cans wrecked because of this. first of all, their son tried to run me off the road several times while Blaike was in the truck with me. it was a whole ugly scene. these people are totally whacked but see, the deal is, they've lived here for generations and think they pretty much own the county. the psycho woman told me that we moved out here for this...i have no idea what that meant and she wouldn't explain it. she told me that she's tried to work with us...i asked exactly when it was that she came to my door to talk about how my garbage cans on the road annoy her but she told me it was my problem to deal with. can you say B!TCH. wow...and these weren't young kids...they were easily in their late 50's early 60's! get over it. i guess if i was so upset that someone yelled at my kid for something i believed she didn't do and carried this anger for this long, i would have gone to that house and talked to the people about what happened instead of running over the garbage cans for the last 10 or 11 years. i think she needs some therapy to help deal with this issue. anyway, those of you who know me well, know i didn't sit idly by while she screamed obscenities at my husband! as a matter of fact, the farmer told her several times to shut up,stay out it and quit being such a b!tch. i think i let her know what i thought of her, too. on top of the crap that's going on at Lyle's office, i actually came home and drank a Mike's. haven't had one of those since the World Show last year just before my class! it did help my headache for a bit.

now it's time to do chores and be done with this day.

peace out