this sucks
she made it

good news

well, the good news is that Streak was alive this morning and made it to the vet. they had to give her fluids because she was so dehydrated. a few days ago, she ate part of one of Blaike's t-shirts and i thought maybe she might have some kind of blockage. the vet felt some sort of blockage. he told me that it would be the same cost to have her put down as to have an operation to remove the blockage so we agreed to the operation. she made it through the surgery but she didn't have any t-shirt inside blocking anything. her lymph nodes by the stomach were very enlarged and her spleen is mildly enlarged. her kidneys and pancreas were fine. not sure what caused this but at least she has made it this far. right now she is still at the vet's with fluids. i'll call later and see how she is doing. i hope we were in time...i know it would have been better if we had caught it sooner but we didn't and i'm not going to beat myself up over it or let Blaike do the same. we will look for some pictures later today.

go Streak!

peace out