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just real quick

Lyle headed to the windy city today for The Masters Circle seminar. that left me and Blaike home. we usually go for the July seminar to hang out, ride the train and take on cultural experiences. good thing we didn't this year. lots going on this week but since i didn't get pictures taken today to post, i'm going to... Read more →

so much fun

we had a blast this weekend! we had our tents up and we were on the water by 11:30am! that's awesome. Alison and Eric weren't able to make it...Ali's grandma went into the hospital on Friday and wasn't doing very well. bummer. the kids loved playing on the beach until the wind started blowing. who needs microderm abrasion when you... Read more →

new news

lots of things going on: Lyle went to see his ortho doc today. he had 50cc of fluid taken off his knee. the motion is better and it doesn't feel as stiff, says Lyle. he is also taking care of the problem at work. YAY! he actually looked HAPPY tonight for the first time in about 10 days...not that i... Read more →

update to **what a terrible thing to do** post

okay...we told Blaike we sold Slick and she freaked. everything is good now. she totally understands why this happened and she is looking forward to finding the NEXT one. let me explain how horse showing and owning horses works in our home: we keep TWO horses with fabulous trainers in Texas. these horses never come home. these horse only go... Read more →

heat pump

yep...we're getting one. as a matter of fact, it's going to be installed next Tuesday. Environmental Systems Service will also be adding a new HUGE water heater, too. ours died when i installed the Kinetico water softener. all the iron is in the bottom and absorbing the heat so we run out of hot water while showering. tmi? probably but... Read more →

why, why, WHY?

does nothing ever go together like it's supposed to? we have tried TWO different times to put this stupid pool together but no go! today, we tried to get the side into the little track that goes around the bottom. yeah, right! we got about 3 foot of it into the track and then the rest of it wouldn't go.... Read more →

a stroke

that's what happened to Streak. she had a stroke and lost the ability to swallow. that's what caused her dehydration. she's been in a valium induced coma for at least 24 hours. her chances of coming out of this with a normal lifestyle was less than 10%...especially considering she couldn't swallow. this sucks. they put her down this morning and... Read more →

she made it

through the night. however, today she had to be on valium because she was seizing and the vets don't know what is causing them. i call every two hours to check on her and i think tomorrow we might stop by and let her hear Blaike's voice. i believe that's what kept her alive on the way to the veterinarian's... Read more →

good news

well, the good news is that Streak was alive this morning and made it to the vet. they had to give her fluids because she was so dehydrated. a few days ago, she ate part of one of Blaike's t-shirts and i thought maybe she might have some kind of blockage. the vet felt some sort of blockage. he told... Read more →

this sucks

Streak is dying. and we don't know why. i hate having animals for this very reason. i hate seeing Blaike be so upset over it. Streak is our ferret. i didn't want to get her. it was a snow day and Lyle had the day off. even though the roads were too bad to get the kids to school, we... Read more →