so much fun
road trip!

just real quick

Lyle headed to the windy city today for The Masters Circle seminar. that left me and Blaike home. we usually go for the July seminar to hang out, ride the train and take on cultural experiences. good thing we didn't this year. lots going on this week but since i didn't get pictures taken today to post, i'm going to hold out that info until tomorrow!

this afternoon, Blaike, her friend Sidney, my mom and i headed for The Street of Dreams. did i like the houses? some of them. some of them were just plain YUCK! i have to say though, not one of those 11 houses did it for me like the one we looked at in May just around the corner from us. and that's okay since we are chunking a ton of change into this place.

afterwards, we were supposed to head to the mall for some frenzied shopping but Sid had a headache so we headed home instead. we can plan another trip for next week.

then Blaike and i came home for one of our favorite meals when Lyle is gone...rice with hamburger and tomato sauce. from my childhood. i love it. Blaike loves it. Lyle is disgusted. so it's always our dinner the first night he's gone! we settled down in front of the tv and watched Ice Princess. we both loved it. it was hard for me to watch Joan Cusack in such a feminism role. i used to like her! but overall, it was a great mom-daughter flick. it also showed me that horse showing isn't so harsh and competitive after all...if you compare it to ice skating...if that really happens behind the scenes. oh wait...didn't we have that whole Nancy Kerrigan vs. whatever her name was ... ya know...taking out someone's knee so you can lighten the competition. wow! that's just disgusting. in horse showing, there is just a bunch of bs gossip that isn't true half the time. besides, it provides entertainment for those late nights!

pictures and more info to follow tomorrow.

peace out