good news
a stroke

she made it

through the night. however, today she had to be on valium because she was seizing and the vets don't know what is causing them. i call every two hours to check on her and i think tomorrow we might stop by and let her hear Blaike's voice. i believe that's what kept her alive on the way to the veterinarian's in the first place. she definitely is a fighter. i just hope the seizures stop and she starts to get better. these guys have been the best! i am so appreciative of their bedside manner with her and with us. i know she is very ill and has a long road ahead of her if they can get her passed this. i just hope it's not all for naught. only time will tell.

well, the carpet installers finally showed up at 3:30pm today. they were supposed to be here last Thursday morning but they had a problem with another job. they were supposed to be here this past Tuesday morning but Rob had a guy quit and leave him short handed so they couldn't make it. maybe in the afternoon. they never showed. then they were going to be here Wednesday afternoon. yeah, right. then it was supposed to be today but by 2:30, nobody was here with carpet so i called again...i'm really tired of sleeping on the floor! when they got here, the head dude asked me how much they needed to get done today. i told him they couldn't leave until it was all done. i didn't really mean it but they stayed until about 7 tonight and got it all done! the upstairs looks awesome now! i love having new makes my carpet on the first floor look kinda dirty...and it's only one year old. tomorrow, i schedule the carpet cleaners!

the windows are almost all in. just some trim and staining work and they are done. i won't know how to act with real live working windows! i can't believe what a great job they are doing! Precision Construction is doing the work and it really is precision. you've gotta check out some of the things they do with concrete patios! i wish i had one just so they could do this to it! Stephen will be doing most, if not all, the remodeling work around here. he is a great guy to work with and his work is awesome but i said that already, didn't i? well, i guess you can tell that i am really happy with him.

no pics of Streak was a dandy of a day and some things happened that i can't divulge here. leave it to say that it was very stressful and pretty much wrecked the one is ill...just some things that happened with Lyle's associate and that's all i am at liberty to say. wow..not like me to be so tight lipped...hmmmm.... but i know Lyle wouldn't appreciate it being blabbed on the web!

okay, i dished ice cream for Blaike and she's not going to be able to eat all of it so i should go do my civic duty and not let the ice cream go to waste!

peace out