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so much fun

we had a blast this weekend! we had our tents up and we were on the water by 11:30am! that's awesome. Alison and Eric weren't able to make it...Ali's grandma went into the hospital on Friday and wasn't doing very well. bummer.

the kids loved playing on the beach until the wind started blowing. who needs microderm abrasion when you spend the day at a windy beach! the little ones just hated it but once you made it to the water, it was fine.

Blaike found her sinking sand and we introduced the gang to it. Stephen got in up to his knees and then had a little trouble getting out!

we boated and floated and took it easy. we had this great little shade tent was a bear to put up in the wind, but we were happy to have it. we put all the coolers in there so we would have more room on the boat. nobody bothered it and it withstood the constant winds.

we had great weather! it was hot...which is a good thing when you are boating...and no rain. we cooked hot dogs for supper and then went back on the water after dark. i think this is my favorite time to boat. it's so quiet and mostly only fishing boats are out.

after night boating, we went back to camp and made S'Mores. I only had one but then had a few extra toasted marshmallows. Blaike even turned in early. we all stayed up until about midnight or so and then called it a night. this morning, we took our time getting up and around and loading the cars up again. we stopped in a greasy spoon in Burwell for lunch and then came on home. hit the driveway about 3:00 pm and Blaike was on her way to the pool by 3:30...of course, she slept all the way home!

i think we are planning to do this again Labor Day Weekend. hopefully Ali and Eric will be able to make it this time.

a good time was had by all

peace out