didn't think i would
good news

this sucks

Streak is dying. and we don't know why. i hate having animals for this very reason. i hate seeing Blaike be so upset over it. Streak is our ferret. i didn't want to get her. it was a snow day and Lyle had the day off. even though the roads were too bad to get the kids to school, we were able to make it into Omaha and buy a ferret! i was totally against it. i didn't want another critter to take care of. i didn't want another cage to have to clean. that's what i told my crew. it was up to Lyle and Blaike to take care of her. i didn't want to have to EVER have to feed, water or clean the cage. but then we got her home and she was so much fun to play with. she was a riot to play with in her play pen. give her a plastic shopping bag and she was a happy camper. i have a lot of happy memories of her. Blaike taught her to walk in a halter collar and leash. she loved to snoop around the house with Blaike. i'm not sure if i have a picture of that but i will look tomorrow. strange...you think you have forever to take THOSE pictures but then forever arrives. i guess this is forever for Streak here on Earth. this was a quick deal. just a few days ago, she was all happy and perky. today, she's not so good. where is an all night ferret doctor when you need one? this is a reminder to take THOSE pictures now before it's too late.

peace out