a stroke
heat pump

why, why, WHY?

does nothing ever go together like it's supposed to? we have tried TWO different times to put this stupid pool together but no go! today, we tried to get the side into the little track that goes around the bottom. yeah, right! we got about 3 foot of it into the track and then the rest of it wouldn't go. of course, it was just me and Lyle putting it together. we did have to get Blaike out to help hold the 3 foot that was in the track but then i wasn't strong enough to help Lyle maneuver it all around and into the slot. tomorrow, i am getting some patio bricks to set the brackets on and hopefully that will help. yikes! this is a much bigger project than i was planning on. i wish we could find someone to hire to do this!

yesterday, Lyle and i went to Broken Bow, NE for a cutting. i didn't cut and probably won't this summer since Lyle won't be able to ride Harley and is showing Shorty instead. that's fine with me. it's just something i do the hang out. i'd much rather be on a pleasure horse! anyway, Lyle showed in the 10k Am and the 2k limited rider. the first go wasn't so hot. Shorty wasn't loped down enough and was still a little fresh. fresh enough that he rushed the heard, and picked his own cow. then he checked out during the run! finally, by the third cow of the first run, he was much better. then when Lyle showed him in the 2k class, he was great! the marked a 72.5 and ended up third in the class, winning a whopping $82.72! can you say WOOHOO! then we ate dinner with the gang: Ken, Emily and Cheyenne Mahnke, Mike and Sue Christensen and Julie Enz. we had a great time but didn't leave until after 10! that put us home and in bed about3 this morning. needless to say, i slept til 9! Blaike was at Sidney's birthday party and she had to be picked up by 11. since i asked for her to be able to go over about 4 hours early on saturday, i knew we couldn't be late picking her up today. that's why we came home last night. oh well...everyone had fun and that's what matters!

peace out