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Mike was moved to an in-patient therapy center today. he is walking everyday and sounding better. yesterday was a pretty good day for him and we are so happy. we hope more of those days are on their way. Friday, after Lyle gets home from work, we are headed to Texas. we will drive until we are tired and if... Read more →

prayers, please

Mike was involved in a very serious accident Tuesday afternoon. he had a horse come over on top of him. his pelvis is broke in two places, his tailbone was crushed, his femur is broken and his abdomen is very very sore. he had surgery yesterday to repair the tailbone and pelvis. he will probably be in the hospital for... Read more →

week of firsts...

first week without Xena. i won't lie to was pretty tough at first. i think by Friday, i could actually make it through the day without hard to think of her in the past tense. so unexpected. first day of school was this past Thursday. Blaike is officially a 7th grader. please tell me where this summer went!... Read more → goes on

i made through today only crying twice. just tears. no heart wrenching sobs today. i expect those to return when it's time to spread her ashes around the arena. that's gonna suck. i still miss her. i still expect to see her in the yard, in the barn, on the back porch or racing me to my vehicle. i still... Read more →

so strange

to not see my girl running in the yard. or not to see her laying in front of the fan in the barn. or to not have to feed her. Blaike and i took her into the Rainbow Bridge part of the humane society. it was so hard to lift her to the cart that took her away for the... Read more →

she did it her way

she died today. in Ranger's stall. on her terms. thank God. we think it was a heart attack. she wasn't sick. she'd never been sick a day in her life. she was the best dog i have ever owned. she had earned her Canine Good Citizenship by the time she was 9 months old. she was awesome with obedience. nothing... Read more →

catch up post!

wow! so much has happened since my last might take me a few entries to get everything caught up. i think i will start with how the road trip went: so this is Blaike and her new horse, For The Love of Gold...aka...Pete. he is totally awesome and Blaike absolutely adores him already. he is so quiet and has... Read more →

road trip!

very quick and fast! last week, we purchased a new horse for Blaike. his name is For The Love Of Gold! he is double registered..Paint and Quarter. he is just 2 years old and that is awesome! he passed the vet exam last Wednesday and was officially ours. Mike and Gretchen were on a well deserved vacation when Pete arrived... Read more →