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i'm happy see, i'm one of those Windows people using iTunes and an iPod. well, i opened iTunes one day and was told there was a new update so i did what good sheeple do and updated iTunes. alas, iTunes no longer worked on my PC...Quicktime no longer communicated with iTunes and you see, that is essential. after hours... Read more →


that's what we did today. the bird was smoked and oh so tasty! alas, the tradition of smoking difficulties did not disappear with the addition of the new smoker. we have learned from past mistakes, though. this time, we put the 20 pounder on at 11 LAST night so it would be ready for a 1 o'clock pick up today.... Read more →


i hated it then and i hate it now. what in the world do they do in school all day??? why is there two or three hours of homework EVERY SINGLE DAY???? holy cow! they are only in 7th grade. i try very hard to handle the homework tantrum the best i can but i admit that sometimes i give... Read more →

Friday's Feast

Appetizer When do you feel impatient? behind stupid people in line anywhere Salad How many times in your life have you had a broken heart?only once and it has soooo healed Soup Name a book you would like to see made into a movie. anything by Sherrilynn Kenyon Main Course If you could thank one teacher for what they taught... Read more →

wish upon a star

do you? i do i have witnessed TWO since October 22nd. i wished upon both of them. i can only wish that my wish will come true. can't tell and won't tell until after the date has passed. nope, i'm not giving any hints on that...i need this wish to come true!! guess you are just going to have to... Read more →

Friday Fiver

1. What is your shoe size? 6.5 2. How many hours did you sleep last night? about six 3. Area code of your phone number: 402 4. Last grade of school completed: 12 plus one year of tech school 5. Time it takes you to get ready in the morning: about 45 minutes if I shave my legs and 30... Read more →

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ? Deeper and deeper:: our horse habit Can’t help ...:: falling in love with you Devil’s advocate:: usually me Superpower:: what the United States should be Threatening:: confidence, self-assurance, self-esteem Played:: Game Over War:: preserves freedom Violate:: harm Invest:: in your future Choke:: Heimlich Maneuver peace out Read more →

Friday Fun

1. What is your favorite funny movie? has to be Tommy Boy 2. What is your favorite sitcom? tie between Two and a Half Men and According to Jim 3. What is the funniest thing that happened to you this week? see earlier post about the guy at Pier 1 peace out Read more →

Friday Feast

Appetizer What was the last game you purchased? Grand Theft Auto for PSP for Lyle Soup Name something in which you don't believe. flu shots Salad If you could choose a television personality to be your boss, who would you pick? The boss dude from The Office...can't think of his name right Main Course What was a lesson you had... Read more →