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i've kept this under my hat 'til now

i am a procrastinator...i love to start a project...i love to gather the necessary materials for any given supplies to organize files...lotsa neat stuff for art journals, Christmas journals or just my regular scrapbooks...neat-o kitchen appliances that will help me create gourmet meals for my well deserving family...but these things never get scrapbooks sit waiting to be USED!... Read more →

happy anniversary...

to us! TWENTY YEARS! holy cow! it's been a great ride so far...i can't wait to see what the next twenty will bring! 1985 2005 actually, yesterday was our anniversary but i was suffering from "that time of the month" headache and he is still suffering from a gigantic cold...thus, there hasn't been much of a celebration. twenty years ago... Read more →

i love this guy

i know i'm a little late but i was thrilled to hear Bono was named one of Time Magazine's Persons of the Year. i know a lot of Americans do not agree with Bono's politics...especially fellow Republicans. but hey! we haven't grown up in war torn Ireland either. i believe in the ONE Campaign and think it could go a... Read more →


i drove to Lincoln to put flowers on Dad's grave. hadn't been there in quite awhile...i always feel bad about that but i know i do not need to be at the cemetery to be close to him...but then when i go and there aren't any flowers and the pine needles cover the stone, i feel like i have neglected... Read more →


The Edge, Bono, Adam and Larry...they are U2! they rocked the house last night! i was so dang excited i couldn't stand it. i was so excited, i was afraid i was going to pee my pants...then the house lights went down, The Edge came out, Adam came out, Larry hit the drums, the music started and then...and then, i... Read more →

pretty excited...

last week, Blaike came home from school very upset because the counselor in Skills for Life told them they wouldn't be friends with 90% of the kids they are friends with now when they are out of school. she was devastated to say the least and she made a pact with Abby and Sidney that they would always be friends.... Read more →

Treats for Troops

you've gotta check it out HERE. wonderful program i just found out about this morning. it's great! not only is there a list of deployed soldiers, you can shop right on the site for the things most requested by our soldiers. you can foster your soldier by military branch, home state, gender and why they are deployed. so many of... Read more →

sad week...

very sad... Tuesday evening, i received an email about Cyndie McLaughlin's passing. she had breast cancer. we met her through the Nebraska Pinto Club. such a nice nice lady. always very friendly and very helpful and always happy and smiling. so sad for her family. then i received a phone call from Mr Big Mike at 12:30 am...Lynn Simons was... Read more →