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happy birthday

to my mom! ok, her birthday was actually the 26th but we celebrated last her house...but the cool thing was...was my brother cooked! he made chicken and noodles...we were all there...i think everyone had a good time for the most part. didn't seem as much fun as it was at Christmas and i don't know why. we did bring... Read more →

i changed

my banner! it's been a long time coming. couldn't think of what i would want to change it to. so i let it ride...just like a lot of things...sometimes it's just easier to let it be than to mess with it, ya know? yep, i got it! had to. how you can you pass on the option of having Bono... Read more →

i want it...

NOW! i have no idea why i didn't buy it today when Lyle told me to...then i came home and checked out the video's available and saw all the U2 videos...wowza! i think i will be picking up one of these little video iPods tomorrow...of course, i truly need the 60 gig so i have ALL the U2 video's! yeah...that's... Read more →

it's over...

Christmas Vacation winter break is officially over. Blaike just made it to bed...she doesn't want it to be over...she can't believe it's's been a looooong time and i think i am soooooo ready! i'm ready for more structure to my day that comes with having to get her to school. before she put on her pj's, she sat on... Read more →

we're back...

actually, we got back yesterday but I was too tired to post last night. our trip was awesome! Blaike was excited to spend our first evening shopping! we found a couple sweet t-shirts for her to wear for pictures with Pete at Forever 21. then we were off to Chili's for dinner where our waiter was more concerned about watching... Read more →

very short

just a quick note to say...i am so going to love this group of gals in the 2006 Goals Challenge! i have all i need for all the classes i have signed up for over at Big Picture i need to get busy on the assignments for the classes that have started today...already behind and leaving town on Wednesday... Read more →


check out my new journal here...i have been keeping a gratitude journal for a very long time now. i find five things a day that i am grateful least, i try to do this daily...since changing my computer planner, i felt it would be easier to post it here than in the planner... this is a great concept and... Read more →

merry new year!

has it occurred to anyone else that we have started the new year on a Sunday??? yeah, i'm sure you all know today is Sunday...but when i read the date on the newspaper it hit is Sunday January 1, 2006... Blaike had two friends stay last night. we smoked chicken breasts and had baked potatoes and some really cool... Read more →