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family = fun!

because we were out of town for Easter, we delayed the celebration until this past Saturday so we could all get together. lots of chaos, noise, some whining and a few squabbles but it was all good. the kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt here's the whole gang and this was the best...the kids got kites and my thought was... Read more →

the competition was tough...

for the second tack meet. this meet was just the girls at one of the Elkhorn middle schools. two Elkhorna middle schools were there along with Blair and Gretna. going into this meet, we thought Elkhorn was going to be tough but we were wr..wrrrr...wrrrroo...wrrrooonnnggg...Gretna was hard! they have some fast runners over there! here's Blaike hav ing a "focus"... Read more →

what the he!!

***WARNING*** this is going to be a total rant so be forewarned... i just heard this on the radio: a school in Colorado has banned students from wearing any clothing that supports the United States of America...their shirts cannot show any support for the good ol' USA. nothing can say USA or Team USA and they can't even wear camo... Read more →