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on the road again...

that's the name of my tune until the second weekend in July! this last weekend, me, Blaike and my mom loaded up and headed to Espuela Ranch in Collinsville, TX so Blaike could spend some quality time with Pete and Mike. i am so glad that mom rode along. we didn't leave here until almost 4:30 pm so that put... Read more →

what a kid...

saw this in Blaike's blog last night and thought i would share here. please excuse the type-o's and the im abbreviations: April 11 I Have Been In Love All Of My Life You guys, I just figured out somthing outstanding-i couldnt believe it when I figured out I am in love with somthing not a lot of people are in... Read more →

i need a driver

what a crazy weekend! there was a horse show in New Castle, IN...only a 10 hour drive, not bad in the scheme of things but here's how it went down: Blaike had track practice and a choir concert that she had to attend {that is whole other post} which meant we didn't get out of Blair until 8 pm. i... Read more →