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world show update

Blaike and Dozer's part is was over Wednesday night. they were so awesome. i am so proud of her! they only had a few days together before this show. unbelievable, really, when you think about it. especially since so many of those kids that made the finals have been riding their horses for at least a year if not... Read more →

it's on my list...

for tomorrow. i really and truly put it on my to-do list...take a picture of the grill of the Excursion...for the blog...dang...forgot all about it until it was too dark. too much on my mind to get ready to leave for the rest of the month. Lyle sent me to Best Buy to get the Q1 but of course, they... Read more →

yeah, i don't know...

where the time goes. i always mean to post from the road but getting internet time while sharing with Blaike while on the road...ain't gonna happen! good thing i can borrow a computer from Lyle when we next hit the road...which is just in two days time! i absolutely cannot believe that the World Show starts on Sunday. Blaike seems... Read more →