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i will try to make this as clear as possible and hopefully you can follow along... remember this post check it out just to refresh your memory. so this last Tuesday, our real estate agent gets a call from "their" agent. he wants to know if we've purchased another house yet because he had heard we did...well, we haven't... Read more →

on a roll...

got my 20 minutes of cardio in this morning...walked outside...up and down the minimum maintenance road...holy cow! that hill is a lot steeper than when you're riding horses or a 4 wheeler! it was great. Loper, Mulligan and Ike went with me...happy little dogs. anyways, this marks Day Two of my GET FIT PLAN. i feel better already. tomorrow is... Read more →

i finally did it!

after weeks of THINKING about working out, last Friday i concocted a plan...weights on Mon and Wed, cardio on Tues and Thurs and yoga on Fri and whatever happens over the weekend HAPPENS. i have been contemplating this for so long. i am so tired of the belly fat hanging over my jeans. so today is Monday and guess what?... Read more →

just a few pictures...

Blaike and Sum Beach {aka Dozer} jogging in Jogging the first way Jogging the second way Blaike and Dozer receiving their overall 5th Place Ribbon Riding out Left to Right: Grandma Lila, Banks Ready, Brittany Kincade, Brittany Musgrave, Blaike and Dozer, Me, Dad, Gretchen and Mike Blaike, Dozer and their well deserved ribbons this is my favorite picture of Blaike...i... Read more →

sleep deprived

ok, i just had this waaay long post and it disappeared when i tried to spell check. i'm not going to try to re-do the whole thing but here's the jist of it: i am tired of sleepin on hotel beds with hotel pillows...don't know why i don't bring my own...especially when i am driving to my destination! duh me.... Read more →

not much...

going on today...just hanging out at the hotel. Blaike went to a movie with friends...and i actually took a nap this afternoon. must have been bored out of my mind...i never nap!!!! unless i'm not feeling well and that isn't the case today. Trixie seemed to handle the practice pen just fine today. and it was a couldn't lope... Read more →