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check it out...

i did add some pictures to the ...everyday... album. ya, i really isn't everyday but i try and i am trying to be better at it. also, i added a new show 2006...these are the pics from that show...definitely worth checking out... can you guess which one is my favorite? peace out Read more →

puppy update

Starbucks {aka Sparky} is quite a happy little puppy. watching him reminds me so much of Sebastian {aka Dude}. the biggest difference being {besides their breed} is that Dude was pretty much house broken by this age and Sparky....well, let's just say he's housebroken in his own way...he piddles on the carpet AND then comes to tell me about...just about... Read more →

decluttering bug...

includes my digital photos! check this out: all of my digital photos are officially backed up onto cd's, and filed into a handy dandy album. i have also started getting these printed. i was using Shutterfly but then realized DUH! i have the PictureMate! the cartridges and paper to print 100 photos is only $28.99 at Best Buy, plus i... Read more →

i'm ready...

for next week to be here already. this week has been a total bust as far as my exercise goes. what is my problem with using that machine upstairs? is it because it's so handy? and i don't have to drive 10 minutes to use it? i don't have to fight with the card reader in order to stretch my... Read more →


i was on such a roll last week with all my exercises and this week has been a total bust so far...dang it! just too much going on right now plus, the Y is closed this week for maintenance. i know i should be using that weight monster in our bedroom but it just seems too easy, ya know? i'm... Read more →