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The Notebook

don't remember the last time i totally cried my way through a movie. not like i did tonight. Lyle is still in Utah so Blaike and i decided it was chic flick night so we watched The Notebook based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. i did read the book but it's been awhile. i didn't quite remember how it... Read more →

it's a first

Blaike was asked to her first dance this week...homecoming is this weekend and a friend of hers [who is a freshman this year] asked her to the dance for tomorrow night. she told him no...she didn't even ask us first...she thought it would be too weird to go. which is fine with me, we would n't have let her go... Read more →

shouldn't have

but i did... the Cricut officially lives at my house as of today. ebay is not a good place for me to visit...i'm weak...i tried to make a deal with myself...i wasn't going to buy it until the studio was done. well, the studio isn't done and i felt this compulsion to purchase it. waaaay cheaper on ebay than anywhere... Read more →

great surprise

so yesterday, after Lyle got home from the office, we hopped in my truck and headed to Des Moines. no one knew we were coming. we found the hospital ... no we were walking down the hall to Brittany's room, i called her on the pretense to see how she was doing...while i had her on the phone, Blaike... Read more →

we were this close...

so i checked the balance in our checking account on-line yesterday. imagine my surprise when there was over $30,000.00 in the account. i don't know about you, but our checking account never carries such a balance. so i checked the on-line statement to see what was going on. on the 13th, a deposit was made in the amount of $29,874.89.... Read more →

did you know...

that today is World Gratitude Day? i had no idea...but check out gratitude to see my daily [mostly] gratitude's. picked this habit up from Oprah several years ago. i believe she picked it up from Sarah Breathnach of Simple Abundance fame. love that book and the whole simple abundance idea along with the 5 daily things to be grateful for.... Read more →

bad news...

Blaike's horse showing buddy, Brittany from Iowa, was thrown from a horse on Monday after school. she hurt her neck and her back so they took her to the hospital. there they found she had injured her spleen and have been monitoring that situation. things were looking good until last night...she had surgery this morning to remove her spleen. sounds... Read more →

holy crap!

Blaike was tackled last night at the football game. she was holding the chains when she was tackled by four football players. the story goes that she saw them coming but not soon enough to let go of the chains and run! she saw them heading for her and just closed her eyes. she flew from the sidelines to the... Read more →

Super Sexy

it's been a long time coming but it's finally done! the 1967 Chevy Camaro drop top was delivered this past Saturday. it's totally awesome! turned out waaaay better than i anticipated. Blaike is sooooo in love with this car. she could have been more excited than we were. isn't it just too cool for words? this is the body man... Read more →