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tis the season...

flu season that is...Lyle got hit after he went to bed Sunday night and stayed home from work on Monday...yep, you read that right! he slept all day, too! then, after she had been in bed for about 1.5 hours last night, Blaike came in to tell us that she wasn't feeling well. at least she wasn't near as sick... Read more →

nothing much new

watched Click starring Adam Sandler last night with Lyle and Blaike. great movie, even though i cried through most of it...i guess i'm just an emotional kinda girl! would love to watch this one again. Rich and Tristan came up yesterday...Rich was going to put the bumper on the Camaro but there was a problem with the bolts but he... Read more →


Blaike jumped in the Hummer Wednesday and told me that she had been thinking...she wondered if it would be ok to NOT go to grandma's for dinner on Thanksgiving. instead, she wanted to go to the shelter and help serve. hmmmmm...wonderful idea, however, i wasn't sure if we would be able to do this...we talked with Lyle and decided we... Read more →

changes in the air

i'm working on them but won't reveal them yet butussut keep checking back! really excited that the Holiday Season is upon us. last year i wasn't into getting the house decorated. this year, i can't wait. ashamed to say that i am starting over with the Change Your Life Challenge. well, maybe not least i'm trying again! third times... Read more →

middle school

totally sucks this year! this has been the absolute worse year of school for Blaike. some of the teachers she has this year should have retired long ago and there is one that should not have ever received a teaching certificate. honestly, if we paid our teachers what we pay computer programmers, we would have some mighty fine teachers across... Read more →

yeah, i know

no Disney pictures yet. this week was crazy busy and now i'm leaving again for the weekend so i need to get the house ready and things ready for Lyle while Blaike and i are gone. she has a horse show in Tunica, MS. we fly out this afternoon, she rides late Saturday afternoon and we fly back in at... Read more →