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changes in the air

i'm working on them but won't reveal them yet butussut keep checking back!

really excited that the Holiday Season is upon us. last year i wasn't into getting the house decorated. this year, i can't wait.

ashamed to say that i am starting over with the Change Your Life Challenge. well, maybe not least i'm trying again! third times a charm, right? i have to get through this program. there is so much i want to change in my life and the lives of my family and friends and those i come in contact with. Lyle has a great saying "If we don't, who will?" there is so much going on at Blaike's school right now that this has become my mantra. it totally amazes me how many parents just sit back and accept the crap that goes on in the school system. too much homework, teachers that tell students they are going to hunt them down and kill them, other teachers that encourage students to keep secrets from their parents. this is all waaaaaaaaaayyy to liberal for me. last i knew, parents were the last authority when it comes to our children. certainly do not want or need a teacher over turning my authority as a parent. tomorrow, it's on my list first thing to get this cleared up with the principal. this much closer to homeschooling...and i don't have the time or patience right now to get into the problem with the math situation at school and how Blaike is going to be short one year of math to get into a 4 year college...this means that we will have to pay extra for her to go to some type of summer school in order to be caught up and get into college....what the hell is the deal with that? that's my second phone call tomorrow. and it was the math teacher that informed the students that they were going to be short in math and for them to have their parents contact the school board to encourage a math summer school class this year...but she told the students to NOT TELL THEIR PARENTS THÅT SHE WAS THE ONE THAT TOLD THEM. yeah...same teacher that was talking about Blaike being gone and having to do extra work to get her homework assignments ready for when we were going to be at Congress. crap, it's all crap. just one step closer to homeschooling...i know that i could get her caught up in her math in no time. lots to think about...nothing to worry about.

oh yeah, keep checking for the great news announcement!

peace out