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middle school

totally sucks this year! this has been the absolute worse year of school for Blaike. some of the teachers she has this year should have retired long ago and there is one that should not have ever received a teaching certificate. honestly, if we paid our teachers what we pay computer programmers, we would have some mighty fine teachers across the board. don't ge tme wrong, Blaike has had some fantastic teachers and she has two this year that are great. but for the most part, this year has been disgusting and is inching me this much closer to homeschooling. even spent some time researching tonight. i don't get what they do in school that she has to have 3-4 hours of homework 3 times a week if not more. i don't understand why these teachers that work so closely with one another schedule 4 tests/quizzes on the same freakin' day! a vice principal that would rather not be bothered by concerned parents. had an interesting meeting with him...he yawned [without covering his mouth and was rather loud about it], played with his socks, looked at his watched and sighed through out our whole meeting. we have a science teacher that refuses to help kids in her class and feels that it's too early to be concerned about grades...gimme a break, please. i can't take much more and we still have more than a semester to go. I try to stay positive but let me tell you how hard that is.
sorry...just minutely frustrated that Blaike has a quiz tomorrow in her foreign language class and part of the quiz is over information they haven't covered in class. at least the teacher gave them a study sheet...however, part of it was WRONG! so, how does one study for a quiz in which you haven't learned the material and then it's wrong on the study guide? how do you answer that question? the way it reads on the study guide or the way it is in real life? cripes, i may have a nervous breakdown before this year is over.
if you have children entering middle school, good luck to you...if you have children that have made it through middle school and into high school, can you please email me...i need your support!

peace out