tis the season...

nothing much new

watched Click starring Adam Sandler last night with Lyle and Blaike. great movie, even though i cried through most of it...i guess i'm just an emotional kinda girl! would love to watch this one again.

Rich and Tristan came up yesterday...Rich was going to put the bumper on the Camaro but there was a problem with the bolts but he did rinse it and we go the cover on it and they [Lyle and Rich] got it started! yay! Tristan and i went 4 wheelin and he loved it! he found some treasures: a whole walnut, a bird feather and a few leaves that were trophies for his dad! he had a blast throwing sticks and kicking dirt. so much fun that he cried when it was time to leave! i think he and Blaike were planning a game of hide and seek just as it was time to head for home.

after they left with the old tv, we headed to Best Buy to get our new one. love it! love knowing that soon it will be on the wall and i will be able to re-arrange that room for the first time since we moved in here in 1994!

stay tuned for the really cool announcement...just not quite ready yet but i am working really hard on it!

peace out