tis the season...
you made it!

the big announcement....

i am moving my blog. not giving up blogging but moving it to my domain name. it was just too hard to try to keep up on blogging and keeping the family website updated at the same time...when DUH! it hit me that i could combine the two. plus, i missed my country graphics and the websets that match the seasons, holidays or my moods. i want to do more than just change the banner, ya know? which i never did anyway...but this new blog is way cool and i hope you check it out. i think it's pretty easy to navigate but if you have any issues, there is a contact page you can email me from and there is also a Shout Box for you to leave a note. anyway, enough of the blah blah blah...if you wanna know what's going on, visit me here


if the address sounds familiar, it's because it's the address of the family website that has now turned blog...it is a work in progress but there is enough there for you to enjoy your visit!

hope to see you there...please leave a note in the Shout Box or send an email...let me know whatcha think, k?

peace out