nothing much new
the big announcement....

tis the season...

flu season that is...Lyle got hit after he went to bed Sunday night and stayed home from work on Monday...yep, you read that right! he slept all day, too! then, after she had been in bed for about 1.5 hours last night, Blaike came in to tell us that she wasn't feeling well. at least she wasn't near as sick as Lyle but she stayed home from school today. apparently there were a lot of kids out today because of the flu. knocking on wood here that i don't have to deal with it.

after we picked up Blaike's homework, we went to the office to get adjusted and had to stop at Target on the way home for supplies. what fun to run into Tammy in the camera dept. i didn't even notice her...she was bent over looking at something low on the shelf and i was talking to Blaike...that's when she stood up and said something. we talked to a long time. it's always nice to catch up and i think that we shouldn't wait until we run into one another before we catch up. kinda silly when we live about 5 minutes apart. anyway, we went to high school together. it was fun.

peace out