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oh what a night!

late july...back in 2007...oh what a night... Blaike and Abby have their "war paint" The KGB kick us off! [the Killer Garage band] Lyle is telling Ed a serious story! Cindy and Allen hangin' on the deck enjoying the tunes Tristan and his singin' daddio...Witstoad Gutsfrog...aka Richie Zachary is enjoying the music...too bad he's doing it from a Hu$ker chair...[note:... Read more →

de ja vu

that's what it feels like...drain the pool, fill the pool, drain the pool, fill the pool. the pool filled for about 14 - 15 was nearly running over! then we drained it but this time we let the hose run while we drained...pump as much fresh water into that baby as we can! Chad, the pool man, will be... Read more →

r u a listmaker?

haha! can you tell i've been spending some time texting on my new toy??? anyway...found this totally cool site while i was looking for a program to be able to utilize a task list on the iPhone until the next software update comes out...anyway, if you LOVE making NEED to check out this FREE site! it's my new homepage!!!... Read more →

growing up...

is very different from a parent's point of view! it's been interesting watching Blaike become a teenager...especially when it comes to boys... she has a new boyfriend that is totally awesome! Lyle and i both really like him and his parents are awesome, too. Jayson spent the 4th with us at the cabin. yesterday, i dropped Blaike off at his... Read more →

say 'ello to my lil fren...

[must interject Scarface accent] my FedEx man was here today...TWICE! the first time i was in the shower...DANG wasn't supposed to be here until Monday so i didn't have the authorization form on the i called FedEx and asked if there was any way they could re-deliver today...and WALLAH!!! just a few short hours later, two techy iPhones... Read more →

what a great way to spend a few hot days...

we headed for the cabin yesterday morning. what better way to spend two 90+ degree days than on the boat? Blaike has a friend staying with us this week and we picked up two more of her friends along the way. my mom and step dad, grandma and her niece, 2 of my bros and their families and a couple... Read more →