this last week...
and now there are nine...

and then there were eight...

F I S H ! ! ! so this has been the saga of the pond for the entire summer. i was so excited to get a pond with the new house. now, it's not a huge pond by any means...but big enough for a few fish and some plants. we inherited one fish but rarely saw Orca. he was always hiding in the rocks. the first time i saw him, i thought it was just a figment of my imagination. but then i saw him again and finally my sitings were validated when Lyle finally saw him. so i decided we needed more fish. fish you would actually see when you visited the pond. so, i bought 4 smallish fish [koi]. one croaked immediately and the others disappeared with Orca. once in awhile, i was lucky enough to see them [they didn't even come out when i fed them!] and the numbers continued into a downward spiral. i bought 4 more fish...these were bigger and more expensive than the previous, so i knew they had to survive, right? W R O N G ! they died off, too! while Blaike and i were at the World Show [did i mention that she was the 13 & Under Western Pleasure Champion???] Lyle purchased 4 more fish plus a catfish. these guys were F R I E N D L Y ! ! they came out when you fed them. they didn't swim for the rocks when you visited the pond. so, the final tally of the one we inherited, the eight i bought and the five Lyle bought [which should total 14] we had 7 that came out every night when we fed them. they basked in the sun in the late was almost as great as i had imagined. then one afternoon, i stopped by the pond just to hang...and i counted the sunning fish...not once, not twice but three times...T H E R E - W E R E - E I G H T ! ! ! how in the world did this happen? i still have no idea which one i wasn't counting, i thought i had all the scale patterns memorized to know that i was seeing the same fish over and over and over....guess i was [wrong]. i even made Lyle come from the barn to witness and then ran for my camera so i could document properly! sometimes there are still only 7 out and i have no idea who is missing. but enough times during the week, i do count 8 out all at once to know there are at least 8 little fishies swimming in my pond. we thinkg the cat fish perished...he hasn't been seen since he was introduced to the pond...maybe we will try another one next year...i need someone to eat all the algae!


also, i haven't done these in awhile so i thought tonight was a great night to start again...


I am grateful:

1. for Marian High School

2. the Change Your Life Challenge [again]

3. Blaike is making wonderful choices

4. for dinner with great friends

5. fantastic authors and their great books!

may joy and innocence prevail!