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it's official

Most Unique Ride


woohoo!!!! how exciting is this??? i have S O O O O kept this under wraps but last November, we started this project and it was signed, sealed and delivered Saturday night, just in time for the 1st Annual Lake Waconda Car and Toy Show. the guys [and gal] at Turf Cars did just a great job getting this cart tricked out for us. it's lifeted, it has REAL H3 wheels and some super cool tires that only 200 were made and distributed in the US but they are rated to go 200 miles per hour! custom paint, custom canvas cover, custom roll bar, kick ass stereo system with boat speakers that B U M P ! ! ! ! and don't forget the tuck and rolled seat. i am still amazed at how awesome it turned out...way better than we ever could have hoped for. our hats off to Rich, Pat and Rachael but not to leave out the body guy, the paint guy the upholstery guy too...without the whole team, we wouldn't have our little hummer running around the lake tonight! Blaike was totally bummed that i wouldn't let her take it around the lake after delivery last night but with the show today, i wanted to keep it under wraps until the last minute...she had to wait until after the awards today...about 3pm. it was a great car show with a super turn out for the very first one...and they are already planning next years [and the Camaro will be ready for that one!] we have had so many compliments on the's pretty cool to be cruising around at a smooth 20 mph [the normal speed for a golf cart is 12mph and the speed limit here is we are sitting perfect...since we could set up to as much as 40mph!!!!!] and see all the grins and thumbs up as we go's  S U H W E E E E T ! ! ! !

may joy and innocence prevail!