it's official
and then there were eight...

this last week...

is always so hard. it went unspoken by anyone...i didn't want to think about it...i wanted to think about made me soooo sad...i distinctly remember thinking that the weather of the 20th of September 2007 was so much nicer than the weather of the 20th of September 1991. the significance of that day? it was the day we buried my dad. absolutely the saddest day of my life. i clearly remember the night before and the day he died. i remember the day we buried him. the days in between, not so much. i can't believe it's been 16 years. then again, sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago. i wonder how much would be different if he were still with us. i wonder how much would be the same. it all made for a tough week.

in the middle of it, we had a visitor from Texas. Mike stayed with us for a few days while on his way to the Iowa Futurity...which i heard tonight that he won the breeder's! yay! he came in on Tues afternoon and we had just enough time to settle the horses into their stalls when it was time to get Blaike from school. she was pretty excited to see Mr Big Mike in the car. we had dinner at Johnny's Italian Steakhouse and it was Y U M - O!!! Blaike was hoping that Mike would take her to school on Wed and he did and picked her up and took her to school on Thurs...she was trying to convince mom and dad that she shouldn't have to go to school until after Mike left on Thurs but that didn't work! it was great having him here for a few days. we haven't seen him since the World Show. Blaike can't wait for him to come back and visit...maybe G could make that trip with him!

so that was pretty much my week here and i don't even have a picture to share. i was reading through my digital to do list and found some tasks there that didn't get transferred to my paper to do of them was A Photo A Day. i need to get back to was a lot of fun to look back on those. so i have that on my list for tomorrow...along with everything else i didn't get done this last week.

i do have a lot of updating for the Book Journal but that's not for tonight.

i do have a question: i want to take Blaike somewhere WARM and fun for her Spring Break in March...any ideas out there? leave a comment if you would please...i'm willing to be gone for 5 days. she prefers some place with the ocean and a beach...looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

may joy and innocence prevail!