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and this, my friends, is what Gnimocemoh is! [homecoming spelled backwards] and this is Marian's solution to having homecoming when you don't have a football team! it's great! all the kids dress crazy. Breanna, Hannah, Blaike, Stephanie[not pictured] and Bianca not pictured] all dressed the same. but to make sure that enough of the world saw them in their crazy... Read more →

i know...2 in 1 day! what the heck is going on...

i had a momentary bit of panic last night i had huge panic attack, accompanied with crying and not being able to go to bed until after 1am, knowing full well that Blaike had to be at school waaaay early today for a meeting for Computers For, we were going to have to leave at 6:55am! anyway, i was... Read more →


you know her from Extreme Home Make Over. the show that aired on October 7th, 2007. you cried right along with me and the whole crew from EHMO. you wanted to take away the pain Boey is feeling. you wanted her to be healthy again. you felt that childhood cancer is probably the most horrific thing you have ever heard... Read more →