and now there are nine...

the rites of passage...

that would be the first Homecoming Dance with Creighton Prep. it was this past Friday...for Freshman, anyways. the upperclassman dance was Saturday night. it was pretty exciting and Blaike had dad take off work early so he could be involved in the festivities which included: getting ready at home [dad was still at work]. Blaike wanted to do her hair and make up herself and she did a fantastic job!


here she is with her handsome date

and here is the whole gang that went to the Olive Garden together
let me add that a couple more boys met them at the restaurant!

after the dance, Steph, Brianna and Hannah stayed at our house. they finally slept at 6am! i's say they had a great time all together.

i really like all the girls Blaike has met and has been hanging out with from Marian. it's a good bunch, i tell ya! and everyone of these girls A B S O L U T E L Y without a shadow of a doubt, love their school! and i can't tell you how much that means to me and Lyle.

may joy and innocence prevail!