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Merry Christmas!

easy day the house all ready for company and got all the baking done Sunday...except for T H E cake, which i just finished. then made homemade noodles, had an early dinner, made it to church and off to see the neat-o Christmas lights. once home, Blaike opened her new pj's! i have some fun photos to post from... Read more →

the shopping is

D O N E ! ! ! ! i think. maybe i will need to just pick up some milk and butter before dinner rolls around on Christmas Eve. but really, i think that's it. now, it's on to wrapping. although, most of it is done. when Blaike was little, Lyle always wanted to wait until the last minute to... Read more →


i thought i left this crap far behind me! however, i know have a high school freshman that is living through finals right now. today was just the beginning...only history and team sports [ya, i know, finals in a pe class? who knew?] tomorrow is biology, scripture and comp/lit and wednesday finishes with algebra and French. and my friends,... Read more →