To Whom It May Concern:

real quick...

i just wanted to let you know a few things:

1. i am staying current with the whole Read the Bible in a Year thing. i did get a few days behind but got caught up last night. i don't think i have gone this far before!

2. i am also staying caught up on the whole picture every day for a year thing. although, i decided that i didn't really want to follow the self portrait mode, so i am just taking a picture every day of something that means something to me at the moment in time. at some point here shortly, i will have my album set up as a separate blog i think or maybe just keep it as an album. still playing around with that one.

3. on the 14th of this month, i started the Make Today Matter class with Brook. i have started the Change Your Life Challenge several times but always get hung up about the same place. when i saw this offered, i knew i had to do it. and even though i was a little late tonight getting my daily work done, i have had it done everyday!

4. the one place i have fallen and definitely skinned my knees is the organized class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. i am a little disappointed here, in myself! i forget to go to the website and get the lesson for the week. right now i am 2 weeks behind and i hate that! i need to carve out some time to get this taken care of because i really want to see some organization come to this studio. it's such a shame to have all this room, supplies and even a cool counter to work on and nothing is getting done. maybe i need to take lead from Kelly and set stricter limits on my computer time. you all know how easy it is to waste time out there on the internet! we all do it or you wouldn't be here, reading this!

5. Blaike was home Mon and Tues from school this week. she started not feeling well Sun night...Hannah and Graham weren't feeling well either. all three ate at the Japanese place at the mall for lunch on Sun. then on Tues, Hannah tried to go to school and was home by 9 and Graham was home by noon...i'm glad Blaiker stayed home and just rested...however, that means that she had a ton of work to make up the last two nights...but i think she is officially caught up now except for taking a French test that she missed on Tues. WOW! it's been a bit crazy around here, playing catch up. even though she is almost 15...she still wanted mom to be close by and so i was but then i had catch up to do yesterday, too! it's ok, i love this job of being mommy

let joy and innocence prevail!