isn't she sweet???
cell 'em or hate 'em??

a frozen tundra

with no thoughts of thawing anytime soon.
that's where we live right now
there has been snow on the ground since before Thanksgiving
it never gets above freezing and the windchills hover in the anywhere below zero range
Blaike was home Monday and Tuesday because she couldn't swallow and couldn't breathe.
her throat was raw, her glands swollen to mammoth proportions and her tonsils were clogging her breathing.
strep test was negative though
then Mr Heat Miser swoops in and decides that we need windchills near 25 below which causes schools, bus drivers and parents to panic at the thought of their kid being caught out in this weather so every school within 50 miles is closed tomorrow.
Blaike doesn't have school Friday...that means she has O N E day this week. she's jazzed about that. and the fact that the strep test was neg and won't disturb her weekend plans to shop and see a movie at Village Point this weekend.
this also means that i will make multiple trips to the barn to make sure everyone is still standing, shoving hay to the horses to keep them eating and warm.
making sure the dogs are decently piled atop one another to share body heat, with the cat curled in there somewhere.
i hate winter
i don't know why we live here and not in some wonderful tropical climate that doesn't suffer from the frozen tundra syndrome.
i'm just crossing my fingers that Lyle's truck will start in the morning and i won't have to drag my sorry ass out of bed at 4 am to take him to work. that's the wonder of diesel engines!

aside of the woes of winter, i have more Pom Pom pics to share:





is it possible to be totally in love with her before we even meet nose to nose?


let joy and innocence prevail!