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what movie mom are you?

wanna know who you are?? just check this out below...not sure if this really is me though...what do you think? Which Movie Mom Are You? My Result: Freaky Friday's Tess Coleman So you might not be a psychiatrist...and you most definitely haven't switched bodies with your kids (right?), but when it comes to parenting, you've got a lot in common... Read more →

bwc update

it was a great success! everyone had a fun time. lots of laughter. and tons of sun. i hate to say that i haven't even downloaded the pics from my camera yet! it was on the list for today but didn't make it...look for some pics tomorrow! just breathing isn't living! Read more →

let's catch up

i'm not doing the typing thingy anymore. not much anyways. well, just once in awhile but at least i'm not posting the results here all the time. instead i just decided to go MIA but for many a good reason. but unless you are family or very close friend, you have no idea what that reason may be and i... Read more →