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here we go...

it's so totally awesome! even though Blaike was done with school last friday, she started driver's ed on tues and then yesterday and today she had to be up and ready for the driver's ed teacher to pick her up at 6:30am for her driving time. then today, she got to stay 45 min later to get in more driving... Read more →

define irony

so i stopped in our local grocery store today and at every single check out there was a box of chocolate candy bars. fundraising candy bars. $1 each. here's the weird part...the fundraiser was for juvenile diabetes research foundation. does this make any sense to anyone out there??? i'd like to know who's big idea this one at the... Read more →

she's a driver!

as of's official! sometime this weekend i will have to get a picture of her with her learner's permit driver's license! how exciting is that??? she was pretty jazzed when she walked out today. although she's not so crazy about the picture but i tried to tell her that no one is ever happy with the picture...especially women. it's... Read more →

boot camp

i made it! i even ran jogged part of it! and it was even raining! plus, i enjoyed myself yesterday morning was the first day of 3x/week for 6 weeks boot camp. today isn't so great as every muscle in my body that i had forgotten i even had, are screaming in protest of their being used without their consent.... Read more →