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the smell of death surrounds you!!!! ok, in this instance it's more like a skunk but what's the difference?? at about 9:30 last night, blaike came screeching out of her room and panicked! apparently, said skunk fell down into her window well and had no way out. just great! we called our bug guy, left a message and then i... Read more →

Trophy Wife! i love it. have you seen the previews to Kath & Kim? you gotta check it out to understand where i'm coming from exactly. i saw this preview during the Olympics and thought it was hilarious so i took the title of Trophy Wife and ran with it. Lyle doesn't mind but i'm sure he thinks i'm crazy.... Read more →

check it out!

i have Cabo pictures posted over there on the left right - down at the bottom - under the Album header - in their own photo album! be happy...i only posted 32 of the 222 pictures we came home with! i thought that putting them in an album would be easier than in a post here. that way, if you... Read more →