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kiroman left for his cabin experience this morning. he will not be home until friday and then he is straight to work. anyway, it's a great opportunity and i am really glad he went but... [isn't there always a but?] they can't have any contact with the outside world. that means they had to hand over cell phones, laptops, blackberry's,... Read more →

Rock Band 2 day! i know. i haven't posted much about it in like forever but believe me..i'm still playing...just about everyday. i was lucky enough to get it today along with a wireless drum set that we can add symbols to when they become available. plus...a wireless Fender Stratocaster bass guitar with a split strummer so you can play... Read more →

i gathered my mail on friday to find this: obviously there is a story behind this. cheerleader found some must needed items on ebay. being the wonderful Trophy Wife that i am, i purchased said items through the buy it now option that was offered. wallah! everyone = happy...until i see this little pouch! believe me, i more than paid... Read more →

so...the day started with the alarm going off at a paltry 6:15am rather than the usual 5:25am but that's all good because that's what time it was supposed to go i lay all nestled in my bed, enjoying a few minutes of snuggling with cujo [that would be my dog and not husband], i hear the rain come down...arrrggggggghhhhhh...i... Read more →