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cheerleader's cupcakes


do not ask me what's going on. i have no explanation for the sudden interest in anything remotely domestic. for some reason, cheerleader has taken on the role of cupcake maker at our house. they have to be white cupcakes...all egg white and no yolk...with vanilla frosting tinted to match whatever she decides the color should match. this is the very first batch of cupcakes. she did it all herself and got angry if i even attempted to help her. and really...they turned out great! please take notice that the icing matches the papers. she took great pride in doing that. there are an even number of each color too! and...they were G O O D ! ! and then two weeks later, she made some more...i didn't take pictures of those but i should have...just in case the mood never strikes her again to be domestic. although, i did get Paula Deen's new cookbook that's for kids. it's great! there are some fun recipes and it's really easy to follow for someone that doesn't know their way around a kitchen...not just little kids but even kids like mine! should she decide to try anything out of there, i will be sure to take pictures...even some of the whole process and not the end result!

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