don't know where to start...
be still my beating heart...

be still my beating heart...

well...not for too long!

cheerleader found T H E S E ! ! ! today at our favorite
used to be that you had to wait all the way from one easter to the next to enjoy these ravishing little beauties... but not anymore (that last part should be said aloud in a sing-song voice).

way to go, cheerleader! she is most positively my most favoritist person today.

so this morning there was this cute little cheer/dance clinic at school. i wasn't too hip on it being the saturday before finals but ya gotta do what ya gotta do and cheerleader did it. there were about 60 3rd - 6th grade girls there. they got to learn a cheer AND a dance and perform them for their parents four hours later. it was really cute. the strange thing: i can remember when cheerleader was the follower and not the leader. kinda made me a bit weepy this morning. the girls had a great time and i have a ton of pics but the camera is no where near the computer right now and i'm not going to get it anytime soon...besides, i'm not really supposed to be writing this lame post, i'm supposed to be composing the Christmas Newsletter so that i can get it printed and the cards assembled and all in the mail by monday...hmmm...not sure if that's going to happen. 

question: is it bad to have the "little" tree up with the topper and lights but no other decorations on it? my plan was to do it silver and gold but...well, i'm here writing this senseless post instead...and...i still can't find my tree skirt for the BIG tree!?!? what the heck? and someone please tell me why it wasn't packed in the box with the dang tree in the first place. and no one to blame but me since i'm the only one that puts the decorations away...oh, wait, i'm the only one that puts the decorations out :) i'm not complaining, i'm just saying.

i am grateful:
  • cheerleader is getting her study guides done tonight with minimal whining
  • we had a late lunch which equals not having to cook dinner 
  • stalls are done 
  • it was 60* today 
  • a lady held the door for me today as i was walking into the mall...i know that sounds strange but when i thanked her, she actually smiled and answered back..delightful! 
now, it's your turn...tell me something good!! leave a comment or send an email or im or moonbeams!

just living isn't breathing!

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