3 down, 4 to go!!
rest in peace, mulligan

cujo may have a problem

i think he's a perv...as in PERVERT. as in: in a past life he must have been a man...like a real man, not a dog man.

our shower doesn't have a door. sounds weird, i know, but that's just the way it is. and actually, i am quite fond of not having a shower door. they are such a pain to keep clean and spot free. anywho...every single day i step into the shower and cujo lies on the rug in front of where the door should be (oh, i should add that there isn't supposed to be a door here, it really was built that way...i just don't want you to go away from here thinking that we don't take care of our home or are derelict in our duty of keeping shower water from spraying throughout the bathroom...it's the real and true way of its design) and watches me shower. he sits there the whole time. sometimes he even sticks his head all the way in...sometimes he even just walks right in like he's supposed to be there. this is the same dog that has the runs for days after i give him a bath because he is so traumatized by the event but apparently, if it's his idea to climb into the shower, it's ok. i still think it's a little strange that he sits and watches. although i am guilty of having conversations with him while soaping up my hair. and he really listens.

i dunno...anyone else out there have a dog or any other animal that is fascinated with watching you shower? just curious. maybe this isn't normal. maybe we need a 12 step program. maybe someone is going to turn me in to the humane society for detrimental treatment of my dog. maybe i should have never revealed such a private thing on my blog. i guess sane and normal for one household is crazy and strange to another, right? this IS normal, right? it's comforting to know that cujo takes his guarding of the woman of the house responsibilities so seriously that he suffers being splashed by my shower spray in order to make sure the boogeyman doesn't appear in the shower to cause me irreparable harm, right? he's just doing his job, right?

yeah, cujo, he's not a perv, he's just a loyal guard dog. yeah, that's the ticket. (saturday night live reference for you old fogies out there).

i am grateful:
  • to have such a brave and loyal doggie
  • the snow has stopped and this morning it looked like people were actually remembering how to drive once again 
  • 2 more finals down for cheerleader 
  • seat heaters in the kirowyf mobile 
  • the propane guy got us filled up before our driveway turned into the iced hill of kiroland 

you know the drill...it's your turn to tell me something good. people, i'm just going to keep asking until someone out there comes up with something

just breathing isn't living!

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