we all survived!
be still my beating heart...

don't know where to start...

i guess i will start with gratitudes because i'm kinda blank here...i have lost my muse...lost my inspiration...been way too busy to even think about something to write here!!

i am grateful...
  • Troy was able to so quickly fill in for Patrick at EPOC last night
  • everyone at Espuela Ranch weathered the tornado this past week safe and healthy 
  • to be eating less and moving more...which equals to reaching my ideal weight! 
  • Christmas break is almost here 
  • my house is C L E A N ! ! ! ! 
so, there they are.

Troy was fantastic last night. i really need to be working on the website for EPOC of Nebraska. i got some great pictures that really need to be posted...that sounds like a great project for this weekend while i am keeping cheerleader on track for studying for finals..and doesn't that sound like the best kind of fun? NOT! not looking forward to this weekend at all!

the book club at school was selling finals survival kits that are going to be delivered next week so i ordered one for cheerleader. anything that can help get her through next week...i am already practicing my yoga breathing techniques, i know it's going to come in pretty darn handy :)

so...last weekend we watched Step Brothers with Will Farrell and John C Reilly...it was one of the funniest movies i have seen in a long time! i don't think i have laughed that much at a movie since Tommy Boy with Chris Farley and David Spade. anyway, it is kinda naughty and we did let cheerleader watch it with us...and there were a few parts that grossed her out but i have a feeling, she will be watching it with her friends next weekend.

ok, i'm done. i'm ready to make lunch and i got nothing more to say

just breathing isn't living!

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