be still my beating heart...
3 down, 4 to go!!

pray for the fish

it is -20* here in kiroland...well, with the windchill. that means that our little tank heater cannot keep up with the pond. that means the kirofish are dangerously close to freezing tonight. the bubbler is bubbling and we put in another heater and kiroman used his ax to break up the ice to try to keep these guys going through this frigid snap.

the shelters in kiroland are in huge need of coats, gloves and hats. they have upped the transportation in getting the homeless to the shelters and out of the dangerous cold. pray for them, too. this kind of cold is just too soon here. at least we aren't dealing with ice or snow on top of this unbearable cold.

it's so cold that cujo will not go out to pee! i can't say that i blame him...i sure wouldn't want my peepee hanging out in -20*! i just don't want any accidents in the house!

i must let you know that studying went pretty darn good this weekend. far better than i anticipated! go cheerleader! she got a lot done this weekend and still has tomorrow afternoon to go! they have an early out so she has a few hours to study before heading off for tutoring for geometry and science. she doesn't seem to be freaking out as bad as she did last year. or she just isn't letting us see it as much. we are darn proud of her!

oh ya, we have been having this conversation about Nickelback coming to kiroland. cheerleader thinks it would be great if Hinder and Panic at the Disco were all together. um, that's not gonna happen! so i was perusing my favorite legal ticket scalper for NB tix and came across Motley Crue...with Hinder?!?!?! ya gotta be kiddin me?!?!?! it's feb 10th, cheerleader and trophy wife will be there! she has no idea who MC is and isn't so sure about Theory of a Dead Man but that's ok...i know who they all are :)

i am grateful:
  • we have electricity and heat at our house (parts of kiroland has no electricity right now)
  • for a wonderful batch of beef stew for dinner tonight! 
  • cheerleader is studying without hassle this weekend 
  • for having a fireplace that clicks on and clicks off 
  • having a garage for my truck so it's not so cold to get into first thing in the morning! 
now it's your turn to tell me something good!!!

just breathing isn't living!

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