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a new era begins


i am incredibly grateful that we live in a country that can experience such a peaceful transfer of power. there are too many places in this world that are not able to do what we witnessed today.

the new guy...he wasn't my guy. but he is now my president and i wish him the best. i hope he is able to keep our country safe. i hope he is able to make wise decisions. it is what it is. and a new era begins.

i must tell you though, i heard a few disturbing messages today and hesitate to go into them here but the one that sticks out most in my mind and i just have to write it out loud is this one: a woman was being interviewed today, following the ceremony, about her feelings and this was her answer (although paraphrased): "Now that Obama is in office, we don't have to worry about paying our mortgages any more!" okay...maybe i missed something in all those debates and speeches but i really don't remember hearing anywhere that should Barry win, mortgages were all forgiven...but if that is indeed the truth, well...i have a shopping spree to plan!

i am grateful:
  • for a peaceful transfer of power in our country
  • for leftovers 
  • the roofers made it out today
  • iTouch 
  • canon 50mm f1.4 (camera lens that is totally freaking awesome) 
a few of you have played along in the past but i am asking again...tell me something good!

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