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catch up on the last week

ok, where to start...

i'll back up to my birthday...the 23rd...i turned 40-something...age is just a number and really means not a lot to me!!! 
then it's Christmas Eve. our tradition is to have home made chicken and noodles for dinner, got to church and then on to look at the beautiful Christmas lights in the city. well...i was mid-way into getting the noodles rolled out when kiroman called to tell me that Michael Walker was in the office singing and could i come in with cheerleader to listen. here's the thing about noodle dough: once you've started, you gotta finish. so i politely declined but could hear the disappointment in his voice. he couldn't hear the aggravation in my mind: why didn't someone give me a heads up on this so i could have planned better?!?! anyway, i put a hustle on getting the noodles rolled out and ran to see if cheerleader was even up yet. and by golly, she we threw on some clothes, brushed our teeth and hair and out the door we flew! we were able to listen for about 2 hours. friends, this man's voice is absolute Heaven. not just his singing voice, either. i could listen to him all day and all night and never get tired of it! here's cheerleader and Michael:
and we also made it to church and on to look at the lights. usually grandma and grandpa have dinner and go to church with us but this year they were only able to see the lights with us.

then it was Christmas morning. this was the first year EVER that we had to wake cheerleader to open presents. i know, hold the phone! she and i had conversed the night before about how late she could sleep and still have time to open presents, get ready and make it to Uncle Rich and Aunt Jenn's for dinner at one and presents after. 8am was the magic number we came up with and that's when i crept into her lair and attempted to wake her without being assaulted. all went well! thank goodness! i didn't take many pics there as i taped most of it instead but here's one of kiroman and cheerleader as they amused themselves:

next up was Christmas with kiroman's family. his little bro was in town from Colorado. i did get some pics there since lil bro wanted some since he's attempting "to be better at documenting..." here is kiroman and lil bro:
here is cheerleader and her uncle:
here is cheerleader with grandma and grandpa:
and lastly is a picture with lil bro, cheerleader, me and kiroman:

next, our 23rd anniversary was on the 28th. yep, i know. i don't look hardly old enough to married 5 years, let alone 23!!! i'd love to be able to do the "that was then and this is now" picture but i can't find my wedding album. must be still tucked away in a box from the move...yes, i KNOW it was almost 2 years ago. anyway, here's the now:
for our anniversary, we had dinner at Firebirds. during our dinner, a couple walked in and he was in his military uniform. so of course, cheerleader got up, went to their table and promptly thanked him for what he is doing for us...ALL of us. then kiroman decided he wanted to pay for their meal. so we set it all up and took care of the bill. later, he came to our table to thank us and to also let us know how much it meant to him as he is being deployed to Iraq on the 18th. i have no idea who he is but i want him to know that he will be in our daily prayers! as will all of our deployed military.

that brings us to new year's. cheerleader and a friend went to another friend's house for new year's eve. us old folks stayed in. and today was just a lazy day around here.

and now i would like to thank you two for leaving your comments about something good!!!


i am grateful:
  • we were able to do all of our traveling safely
  • Ranger is going to be ok 
  • i was able to find rolled oats finally 
  • for a wonderful horse veterinarian 
  • the snow melted! 
so now it's your turn to tell me something good!

just  breathing isn't living!

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