a new era begins
a day in the life of trophy wife:

i'm a slacker

no, really, i am.

i slacked on getting needed information to the accountant for W-2 information, although, great guy that he is, it's all done and ready for me to pick up said items. mental note: take them cookies and lots of them!

i slacked on getting stalls done before the farrier comes tomorrow and i hate having dirty stalls/horses when he is here.

i slacked on my book work this week.

i slacked on laundry...i think i have re-washed this load 3 times already because i can never get it in the dryer and i don't want them to be smelly. i know, bad for the environment and a waste of water and electricity but it is what it is, ok?

i slacked on getting my studio cleaned up this week. that really is disappointing to me.

i have slacked on my blog writing.

i have three really good reasons for all of the above:

a. cheerleader had a really tough week. no school on monday because they reached the walk a thon goal so it was a free day then tuesday she started texting me after being in school for about an hour i finally caved (or so i thought) and picked her up at 11:30 only because i was tired of getting the begging texts. well, when she walked out of school, i felt like a big ol piece of poopy. she looked horrible and really wasn't exaggerating in her texts. wednesday and thursday also saw her stay home from school and she will miss a few hours friday morning but it looks like she should be there for the rest of the day. she is looking and feeling better tonight. the best she has all week. and let me tell you, there is nothing worse than watching  your poor baby writhe in pain and there is absolutely NOTHING you can freaking do about it. if i could take this pain for her, i would without a doubt.

b. a new puppy. i really did cave here and any of you that really  know Trophy WIfe, knows that i really didn't want another pooping and peeing body to take care of. kiroman begged. i mean absolutely BEGGED for this damn thing. he made some points and some promises. the points were well placed and hit their mark. the promises...he's kept them but i don't give him any choice there! but it hasn't been an issue. cujo thought it was cute on saturday when bro made his appearance. then on sunday, cujo was like, what the hell?? it lives here? he was a little freaked and decided he needed to make a stand so whenever possible, he played prison with bro. by monday, things were much better and cujo has taken to the role of big brother quite well, although prison seems to be his favorite game. bro doesn't seem to mind too much. and you know how puppies are...they need to go out every 2-4 hours no matter if it's night or day. mix that with cheerleader being up every two hours and do the math...no one is sleeping in this house except for the damn dogs!

c. facebook

i purposely didn't put my explanation there so make a POINT. to show how much of an impact it is making on my life. and to look cool. anyway, many moons ago, i got myself a facebook account so i could keep tabs on cheerleader. keep her internet exploits on the up and up, ya know. then it bugs her that her friends see me as one of her friends and they add me and we talk wall to wall...she thinks it's weird. and then one day i just happened to log in (cuz i didn't really visit much in the early days) and i saw that a high school classmate had requested i add her as a friend (cuz i keep all my stuff private, cuz that's how i am) so i added her. and we chatted. and then i checked out other classmates and added some of them. then i checked out the college i went to and added some of them. then i checked out the high school where my elementary and junior high friends went and i added some of them. now i have to check facebook to see what they are doing right now. i have to see if someone sent me a message. i have to check to see if any more of y friend's requests have been accepted. i have to see who changed their profile picture. who joined what groups and what are they fans of now and should i join that group and become a fan, too? has anyone else from my classes around the country joined recently and do i want to invite to be my friend? it's totally insane and it's sucking hours from my day. i try to see how long i can go without running to check it...sometimes i just leave the page up so i can sneak a peak as i walk by. i think it's become a habit...a BAD one but it's a FUN one! i've reconnected with people i haven't talked to in at least 28 years...that would be junior high! and people i haven't talked to since they were at our wedding 23 years ago and people kiroman went to chiropractic college with 20 years ago. it's crazy and it's cool and i am not giving it up and you can't make me. neither can the laundry in washer going on its 4th round or the dishes sitting on the counter (cuz they don't get in the sink or dishwasher on their own) or the empty cupboards in which my family is always asking "Is there anything to eat here?" don't they know how important reconnecting is?? obviously NOT! tomorrow is friday and i think it's time to finish off that load of laundry and put some food in the cupboards and get those dishes tidied up. after all, they don't call me Trophy Wife for nothin'!

ps...look me up on facebook,, let's be friends! i know, i am such an enabler :)


i am grateful
  • for facebook (you had to know that was coming) 
  • cujo is enjoying being a big bro and babysitter 
  • cheerleader is such a trooper through this whole ordeal
  • kiroman was able to hang with us...i really needed him today 
  • for my mom being such a great listener (i love you!) 
and so now, it's your turn to tell me something good!!! go on, leave a comment about ONE good thing in your life right now. i know you can think of something!!! 

just living isn't breathing!

The Trophy Wife
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