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and talk is cheap when the story is good...

and the tales grow taller on down the line...

REO Speedwagon...Take It On The Run

yep...these lyrics just fit this short story.

so cheerleader has been experiencing some health issues since Christmas. i'm not sure how much i will get into here because i don't want to upset cheerleader but suffice it to say that it's been "girlie" issues. and they have been pretty bad and very upsetting to her, kiroman and myself and of course, the rest of our family and friends that are aware of the situation. so for the last 2 weeks, cheerleader has only been to school for parts of 3 days...not one whole day in the last 10 days. does that tell you how bad it's been?? so, this past thursday, cheerleader gets a text or something from a girl at school who wants to know what hospitals she has been to. well, we did go to one hospital but only because that's the office of the doctor we went to see. anyways...cheerleader told her and then asked why and here is the condensed version of the story (that means that i am omitting lots of 'like's, 'and's and 'so's) basically the story is that one of the teachers is telling her class that i, trophy wife, sent an email to cheerleader's teachers informing them that cheerleader has been in and out of hospitals and having lots of tests done and we don't know if she is going to make it. well, cheerleader happened to be at tutoring when she found this out and immediately texted me and before i even had time to reply, she was calling me. i'm sure she was worried that she was truly dying and we weren't telling her yet. i assured her  that she wasn't dying and that we would, indeed, let her know if she were dying. i kinda laughed it off because i didn't want her to be worrying about  something that wasn't worth worrying about but you know how girls are! kiroman and i finally convinced her that all was well and this was just one of those things. then cheerleader goes to school for morning classes on friday and finds out a bit more of the story.i did email one of her teachers to let the instructor know that cheerleader did not forget about their early morning appointment to make up and exam but that cheerleader was not going to make it to school that early as we were waiting for the pain pills to kick in so i think that's where the "not making it" might have come from. then in french class, a student asked cheerleader why she hadn't been in school to which she responded that she didn't want to talk about it. the student pushed and cheerleader was all like it's personal and embarrassing and i don't want to talk about it publicly to that the student said oh, so you have some kind of std then? then another student piped up and said, no! if she just had an std, she wouldn't be missing so much school and wouldn't look as bad as she does! then she apologized to cheerleader about saying she looked bad. but it's true, she doesn't look good right...poor kid.

so anyway, that is the main reason there have not been any blog posts recently. cheerleader ahs been pretty ill and wanting someone to be with her unless she is sleeping and we have been to a few dr appts and still trying to keep up on school work plus all the other stuff i do on a daily basis... and that, my dear friends, is how we are rolling in kiroland!

i know i have missed a few birthdays lately and i apologize and know that if you had one of those birthdays, i will be making it up to you very soon! and i know...i need to change the dates over there on the sidebar but that ain't gonna happen right now but maybe soon...no promises though! i know better than that!

i am grateful:
  • for finding a great "girl" doctor for cheerleader
  • cheerleader has been so strong during all of this 
  • cujo is learning to be a good big brother
  • the great weather we have experienced the last few days 
  • a fantastic dinner at sulllivan's last night 
now it's your turn to tell me something good!!!

just breathing isn't living!

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